Free range pork production consists of outdoor paddocks, which include rooting areas, wallows and kennels/huts for shelter. The huts allow the animals to seek shelter from environmental extremes. They also provide additional protection for the piglets when very young.

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Video Interview

Free range, organic pig farmers Miriam and Jack are dedicated and enthusiastic about the way they farm and look after their animals. Around 5 per cent of pigs grown in Australia are raised on free range farms. Free range systems require specific environmental and climatic requirements thus limiting where they can be located. However, those areas that are suitable for free range production produce a top quality, niche market product that mainly caters for the high end retail and restaurant trades.

Photo Gallery

  • Free range herd on pasture
  • Free range pig on pasture
  • Happy Berkshire pig
  • Organic pig farm sow and litter
  • Organic pig farm
  • Relaxing free range
  • Shelter from the elements
  • Sow and piglets
  • Sow and piglets 2

Organic Fertiliser


Most pig farmers use the manure and effluent on their farms, as an organic fertiliser, to improve crops and pasture as well as restore degraded soils.