How the industry is driving change

Along with other agricultural industries, the Australian pork industry recognises that there is always room for improvement in our housing systems and practices. That is why the industry has invested millions of dollars into research, innovation and on-farm improvements to get the balance right. Strong progress has been made and innovations to improve welfare are gaining ground.

The industry has:

  • Committed to the voluntary phase out of gestation stalls, a world first.
  • Worked with vets, regulators and welfare groups such as the RSPCA to develop a legal framework to protect pig welfare, based on a Model Code of Practice.
  • Invested millions of dollars into research into pig welfare.
  • Implemented a rigorous Quality Assurance system (APIQ®), which ensures facilities must be maintained to a high standard and defines that producers must have a system for animal welfare management.
  • Implemented its own, voluntary 5 year Pork Industry Animal Welfare Strategy, to drive ongoing improvement.
  • Invested significant amounts into on-farm facility upgrades and improvements.
  • Assisted in the development of a comprehensive training program to ensure stockpersons have the skills to provide the best quality care for their animals.